2020 phd scholarship – wasm: minerals energy and chemical engineering
Curtin university

2020 phd scholarship – wasm: minerals energy and chemical engineering

Australia 14 Jan 2021


Curtin is an internationally focused research and teaching university based in Perth, Western Australia. We also have campuses in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai with strong connections to businesses

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14 Jan 2021
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This research-only PhD is directed towards developing novel adsorbents for separation of gas mixtures with a focus on recovery and purification of hydrogen. In response to environmental concerns and need for decarbonisation of all sectors of the economy, requirements for high-quality hydrogen as a clean source of energy has been growing over the past decade. The hydrogen required can either be produced by generating it, using a steam reforming or methanol cracking process or recovering it from hydrogen-rich industrial waste streams which can be considered potential and promising sources for hydrogen. Depending on the industrial origin, low-quality hydrogen streams could contain different types of contaminants such as H2O, H2S, CO2, C2+, CH4, CO and N2 that can affect performance and durability of the midstream and downstream sectors in different ways, permanently or reversibly. This research will focus on the improvement of gas separation performance of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) processes by designing and developing 3D-printed structured adsorbents. The 3D-printed monoliths will be designed in the way to lower pressure drops, improve heat transfer properties, lower void fractions and higher mechanical strength in fixed-bed adsorption processes over pellets or granular adsorbents. These materials will be prepared, and they will be characterised and tested in prototype test facilities for gas-separation. The technology will be directed towards up-scaling to realise multi-kg testbeds.

The PhD candidate will work with Dr Arash Arami-Niya. The candidate ideally is expected to have knowledge of gas separation, development and characterisation of nano-porous materials.

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