itn marie curie phd scholarships: manufacturing of medical devices (# of pos: 12)

itn marie curie phd scholarships: manufacturing of medical devices (# of pos: 12)

Ireland 31 Jul 2021
University College Dublin

University College Dublin

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31 Jul 2021
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The SIMPPER_MedDev project involves a consortium of 5 leading European research universities from Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands, along with 10 industry partners who manufacture important classes of medical devices and products, and one of Europe’s premier orthopaedics hospitals. The consortium intends to train 12 PhD researchers in advanced manufacturing and surface integrity associated with the micro/nano processing of polymers for such medical devices. These 12 manufacturing PhD projects are grouped according to whether the processes are either additive, subtractive or forming, while the applications relate to prostheses and implants, and devices for drug delivery and medical diagnostics. Funding for these projects has been provided by the EU under their competitive H2020 MSCA-ITN-2020 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks) programme under Grant Agreement No. 956097.

The consortium is now inviting applications for up to 12 highly motivated and talented PhD candidates (Early Stage Researchers, ESRs) for these fully funded positions, as summarised below. Recruitment will remain open until all positions are filled in 2021. The target start dates for the first positions will be in February-March 2021. ESRs will be employed on a full-time basis and based at one of eight particular host institutions. They will also spend up to 6-months on secondment at partner organisations, thereby ensuring that all ESRs will spend time in both academia and industry, and in at least two different countries.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Further particulars of each project can be found at the following link:

ESR1: Host- UCD, Ireland, Project Title: Development of high strength bonding between polymer and magnesium with micro/nano structures and chemical treatment for bioresorbable stent

ESR2: Host- UCD, Ireland, Project Title: Production of micro/nano structured surface on plastic microfluidic chip for immobilisation of proteins

ESR3: Host- UCD, Ireland, Project Title: Multi-scale 3D printing of hydrogels for vasculature-on-a-chip

ESR4: Host- BD, Ireland, Project Title: Design and development of microstructures for low friction polymer surfaces in medical device application

ESR5: Host- DTU, Denmark, Project Title: Digital production of a hearing-aid ear mould/dome

ESR6: Host- Novo Nordisk, Denmark, Project Title: Precision processing of biobased polymers for device concepts in medical

ESR7: Host- FHNW, Switzerland, Project Title: Laser processing of transparent and high-performance polymers: Embedded optical waveguides, surface texturing for prototype and hybrid moulds

ESR8: Host- University of Twente, Netherlands, Project Title: Laser micro-printing of biomedical multi-materials (biopolymers and metals)

ESR9: Host- University of Twente, Netherlands, Project Title: Laser surface texturing of polymers

ESR10: Host- Micronit, Netherlands, Project Title: Laser sealing of polymer microfluidic chips for bio applications

ESR11: Host- University di Padova, Italy, Project Title: Development of silicone-free pre-filled plastic syringes by compression moulding of nano-structured surfaces

ESR12: Host- University di Padova, Italy, Project Title: Cryogenic machining of UHMWPE acetabular cup inserts

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