Postdctoral fellow in polymer physical chemistry
Institut des Molcules et Matriaux du Mans

Postdctoral fellow in polymer physical chemistry

France 29 Jan 2021


Institut des Molcules et Matriaux du Mans
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29 Jan 2021
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Response of biological tissues to mechanical stress is of crucial importance to understand the onset and progression of various pathologies such as fibrosis and ischemia. In this context, the GELLIGHT project aims at developing biocompatible hydrogels, the stiffness of which can be reversibly tuned by light and which will be used as active sample holders for photonic microscopy of 3D-cultured cardiac cells. Gellight is a multidisciplinary project joining together 4 academic teams working in collaboration with a French Company ( ).

The recruited post-doctoral fellow will characterize the physical chemical properties and light-responsiveness of hydrogels. These hydrogels exhibit double cross-linking combining covalent and light-sensitive reversible cross-links. The structure of the network will be studied by light scattering (LS). The mechanical properties will be assessed by rheometry. The influence of light which allows cross-linking or uncross-linking depending on the wavelength will be evaluated in situ by both techniques.

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