2 postdoctoral research fellows in synthetic organic chemistry and synthetic organic... (# of pos: 2)

2 postdoctoral research fellows in synthetic organic chemistry and synthetic organic... (# of pos: 2)

France 01 Feb 2021
INSA Rouen Normandie

INSA Rouen Normandie

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01 Feb 2021
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INSA Rouen Normandie researching 2 postdoctoral research fellows in synthetic organic chemistry and synthetic organic electrochemistry.

Informations :

  • Place of work : Laboratoire COBRA,
  • Type of contract : fix-term
  • Duration : 14 months (2 positions)
  • Starting date: Position 1: April, 1st, 2021
  • Position 2: July,1st, 2021
  • Salary : 2713,1€ (before taxes)
  • Profile : PhD in organic chemistry,

Contact :

The applicant(s) should provide a CV, a letter mentioning why they are applying to this offer, and 2 recommendation letters or contact that might be contacted

Applications have to be sent to: Pr Philippe Jubault (philippe.jubault@insa-rouen.fr ) and Dr Sylvain Oudeyer (sylvain.oudeyer@univ-rouen.fr ).

Missions :

The EFLUX project, funded by the Normandie region is a collaborative project between three research team from the COBRA laboratory (Dr. S. Oudeyer, Dr. M. Durandetti & Pr. P. Jubault) and two research teams from the Université de Montréal (Pr. André Charette & Pr. Hélène Lebel). The project is dedicated to the development of new tools in synthetic organic electrochemistry by merging organocatalysis, organometallic chemistry and organofluorine chemistry with electrochemistry. In addition, a strong emphasis will be dedicated to the concomitant extension of the developed processes in continuous flow. In that purpose, the recruited PDRA might carry out short stays within the groups of the Canadian partners.

Activity :

The recruited PDRA will be in charge of:

  • Setting up the reaction conditions
  • Purification of the obtained compounds using regular purification techniques (flash chromatography, crystallization and so on…)
  • Analysis and characterization of the using HPLC, GC, NMR, MS, IR…)
  • Extension of the reaction under continuous flow conditions
  • Writing of the reports and publications

Work context :

INSA ROUEN Normandie is a public engineering school involved in the fundamental research in the Normandie region. The research laboratories from INSA ROUEN Normandie are working on cutting edge research program in Chemistry, process, mathematics, computer science…

The COBRA laboratory (UMR-6014) is gathering researcher from CNRS, Rouen University and INSA ROUEN Normandie. The laboratory is located within the IRCOF building (Institut de recherche en chimie organique fine) at Mont Saint Aignan. 175 peoples are working within the COBRA laboratory (60 PIs, 20 technical and adminstrative supports, 70 PhD students, 25 PDRA). COBRA laboratory is a leading partner of the LABEX SynOrg, the institut Carnot I2C and the EUR XL Chem, a proof of the excellence of the laboratory.

A stay in the research group in Canada may be required during the course of the project.

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