Post doctoral position in physics chemistry

Post doctoral position in physics chemistry

France 01 Apr 2021



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01 Apr 2021
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The successful candidate will work at the CBMN Institute on the following activities:
- The manufacture of nanocomposites (self-assembly, sol-gel and colloid chemistry): manufacture of silica nanohelicas
- The screening of molecular printing strategies from the original helix or from silica "doped" with molecules of interest.
- Characterization of materials by Electronic Microscopies, IR and Raman spectroscopies, Circular Dichroïsm spectroscopies.

As part of a CNRS Emergence project, new hybrid organic / silica nanohelices will be used to study chiral recognition and separation processes. Based on the molecular printing technique based on the creation of custom binding sites with memory of the shape, size and functional groups of model molecules, we intend to synthesize new chiral nanoparticles capable of retaining an enantiomer rather than another. Indeed, after elimination of the model molecules, the matrix contains recognition cavities complementary to the molecule which can selectively bind the model molecules again.

The CBMN Institute is a dynamic and interdisciplinary research center located on the campus of the University of Bordeaux, France. The laboratory is perfectly equipped for chemical synthesis and the institute is equipped with technological platforms combining advanced instrumentation and expertise in spectroscopy and microscopy.

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