Postdoc in cancer biology (M/F) - adhesion et signaling in metastatic melanoma

Postdoc in cancer biology (M/F) - adhesion et signaling in metastatic melanoma

France 01 Aug 2021



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01 Aug 2021
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The successful candidate will work under the direction of Julien Ablain, the team leader, and will:
• Participate in study design;
• Develop and optimize experimental protocols;
• Conduct experiments;
• Analyze and communicate data;
• Mentor students and technical staff.

The main techniques to be used come from all fields of genetics, cellular and molecular biology and biochemistry. They include genetic and pharmacological manipulations (RNA interference, CRISPR, inhibitors), transcriptomic and proteomic approaches, protein analyses (immunostaining, Western Blot, purification) and live cell imaging (real-time and/or high-resolution confocal microscopy), both in zebrafish and in human cells. The successful candidate will also implement all methods relevant to the use of zebrafish models.

The goal of this postdoctoral fellowship is to identify new adhesion molecules and cell surface receptors involved in melanoma metastasis through a genetic screen in zebrafish, and to elucidate their mode of action via mechanistic analyses in human melanoma cells. Our laboratory aims to discover new vulnerabilities of cancer cells by better understanding the mechanisms underlying the formation of metastases, the leading cause of mortality for patients with cancer. We are particularly interested in the interplay between external signals from the tumor microenvironment and cancer cell adhesion in regulating cell migration and tumor dissemination. We leverage the powerful genetics and high-resolution imaging capabilities of zebrafish to study adhesion signaling in melanoma, with the long-term objective to develop innovative therapies against metastatic cancers.

The postdoctoral fellow will be part of the "Adhesion and Signaling in Metastatic Melanoma" team at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL). This is a new research team supported by an ATIP-Avenir grant until 2023. The CRCL offers a rich scientific environment focused on cancer biology with 22 research teams and several state-of-the-art core facilities. Strong ties with the Leon Berard Center facilitate interactions with the clinic and foster collaborations and translational approaches. For more information,

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