Call for a chair position on Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering with a focus on bio- and 3D...
Universit de Bordeaux University of Bordeaux

Call for a chair position on Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering with a focus on bio- and 3D...

France 22 Feb 2021


Universit de Bordeaux University of Bordeaux
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22 Feb 2021
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This scheme aims to facilitate the recruitment of young lecturer-researchers on the basis of job profiles pre-identified by the institution in emerging and highly multidisciplinary disciplines or where there are strong international stakes. The scheme is part of a talent management policy shared with partner institutions, particularly research organizations.

In this pre-recruitment chair system, the successful candidate will first be recruited on a fixed-term contract as a lecturer-researcher, during which his/her work will be monitored and evaluated according to the criteria defined during recruitment. The success of the evaluation could lead to a statutory lecturer-researcher position via the standard recruitment procedure (competitive procedure).

The chair will be funded for a period between three and five years maximum.

The funding will cover the salary of the project leader for a maximum of 5 years.

Project-related costs (running costs, equipment and/or for the recruitment of staff dedicated to the project) may complete the Chair’s budget.


Description of the research project:

For more than ten years, the BIOTIS laboratory has been interested in the development and use of composite polymers, with and without cellular components, for tissue engineering. The strategies envisaged are to overcome the shortcomings of current biomaterials by providing them with functional properties to ensure specific functions (calcification, vascularization, innervation …) and to demonstrate their performance using experimental in vitro and in vivo models. Part of this work, carried out in partnership with other UMRs, has led to the filing of patents, one of which is licensed by the company SILTISS (Saint Viance, Brive La Gaillarde), which is industrializing a manufacturing process for a material made up of natural polysaccharides with a view to its CE marking. BIOTIS, is pursuing projects using natural polysaccharides but also other types of natural polymers, functionalized or not, for the development of various therapeutic approaches. The targeted applications include oral, orthopedic, vascular, and gastrointestinal surgery, among others. BIOTIS is a unit with a biotechnological vocation (in the broadest sense of the term) and develops several biomanufacturing approaches including multimodal bioprinting and the development of innovative biological inks. This technological axis remains a strong point of the UMR, supported by Inserm through a Technological Research Accelerator (ART BIOPRINT).

Expected scientific impact:

Strengthen a unique expertise in tissue engineering using bioprinting and 3D printing approaches, or other biofabrication methods, to develop innovative therapeutic strategies. The addition of a young researcher at BIOTIS is an opportunity to develop a new field of research that will benefit from the unit’s renowned expertise in the field of biomanufacturing in general, and bioimprinting in particular. The technological strength of BIOTIS is well established and can ideally be directed towards a problem related to a new pathology (new to the unit). The BIOTIS research group, of which several senior researchers will be leaving in a few years (retirement), will thus give the candidate the opportunity to develop a research program within the most renowned tissue engineering unit in France. The field of bioprinting is still booming and a priority development axis of INSERM.


Title of the training profile: Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials

Assignment component: College of Science et Technology

Course compoment: Education unit of Biology, University Research School: Science and Technology for Health (SiTH)

Pedagogical profile:

Training courses concerned: Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences and Master’s Degree in Health Engineering / EUR Science and Technology for Health (SiTH)

Pedagogical objectives and need for supervision:

The pedagogical objectives of the person recruited will be to integrate the teaching team of the UF Biology and particularly within the EUR SiTH training. He/she will thus not only have to take part in the teaching of the training but also to participate in its piloting and animation by taking pedagogical responsibilities, particularly within the future Regenerative Medicine course within EUR SiTH. In addition, the person recruited will be mobilized to accompany the students in the advancement of their professional project by guiding them in their immersion within the internship laboratories and by advising them in the construction of their career path.

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