Two-year postdoc in Semantics / Computational Linguistics / Psycholinguistics / Language...

Two-year postdoc in Semantics / Computational Linguistics / Psycholinguistics / Language...

Germany 08 Mar 2021
LeibnizZentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft

LeibnizZentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft

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08 Mar 2021
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- completed Ph.D. by the time of appointment

- strong research experience relevant to the project goals

Desired assets:

- cross-linguistic semantics and fieldwork

- language acquisition

- syntax/semantics interface and morpho-semantics

- experimental methods and statistics

- tech skills for collaborative, open science and computational methods

- proven team-work skills


You work in different small teams with experts on language acquisition and morphology to design and evaluate cross-linguistic acquisition studies to test the Meaning First view of grammar the project is based on. The comparative experiments are carried out across up to 50 different languages in collaboration with partners across the globe following the specification of the project grant. You lead one such study and contribute to up to three others as the semanticist. We target six different areas of morpho-syntax/semantics, 1) the expression of causation and agency, and 2) change of state and motion, 3) the binary connectives, 4) negative concepts such as exclusion, antonyms, and negation, 5) quantificational concepts including genericity and distributivity, and 6) dependencies most frequently analyzed as variable binding (wh-questions, relative clauses, degree clauses).

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