3yr doctoral contract (computer science) within ERC project "Socsemics" (confinement and internet...

3yr doctoral contract (computer science) within ERC project "Socsemics" (confinement and internet...

Germany 01 Mar 2021



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01 Mar 2021
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uccessful applicants would join the computational social science team under the supervision of Camille Roth at Centre Marc Bloch (http://cmb.huma-num.fr ) in Berlin, Germany (UMIFRE 14, a dual unit of CNRS and the French Foreign Affairs Ministry). The working language is indifferently English, French or German. A good command of English is however necessary, and fluency in either French or German would be appreciable.

No teaching duties are attached to this doctoral contract, thus making it possible to focus on research activities. A participation to the administrative tasks of the team is nonetheless expected for a total workload not beyond two weekly hours.

Work may start soon after selection or anytime during 2021, depending on the constraints of the successful applicant.

This doctoral fellowship takes place in the context of the ERC Consolidator project “SOCSEMICS” (“Socio-Semantic Bubbles of Internet Communities”), led by Camille Roth and funded by the European Research Council.

SOCSEMICS aims at studying the possible existence in digital public spaces of so-called “bubbles”, or fragmented, polarized communities, by adopting a dual socio-semantic framework — i.e., appraising jointly both the interactional and informational confinement of users. It further aims at addressing a series of fundamental questions pertaining to the existence, structure and dynamics of such bubbles: how to define and appraise them empirically, how do they form and emerge, which types of topics, claims and actors are mobilized in which of them, which bridges or bottlenecks may interconnect them and, at a higher level, what is the meta-structure of bubbles, what kind of qual-quantitative studies may result from this new type of approach and what role may algorithms play in these processes ?

The dissertation will focus in particular on the hybrid modeling of joint interactional and informational dynamics in order to understand and describe the shape of socio-semantic communities within a given digital public space, their emergence and their stability. It may also involve giving particular importance to the semantic description of the opinions expressed by the actors and thus to advance the associated computational linguistics methods.

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