PhD position in material chemistry/inorganic chemistry
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS

PhD position in material chemistry/inorganic chemistry

Slovakia 21 May 2021


Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS
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21 May 2021
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Preparation and characterization of microspheres based on Si3N4 suitable for 3D printing process

Preparation of Si3 N4 micro-granules with biocompatible sintering additives by freeze granulation and freeze drying. The main aim will be the preparation of micro-granules with designed macro and micro-porosity, defined strength after pre-sintering. These properties have to be preserved during the preparation of slurry for 3D printing of porous scaffolds using the direct-ink-writing process. The printed scaffolds will be sintered in nitrogen atmosphere. The final total porosity, pore size distribution and compressive strength of scaffolds will be characterized.

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