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Automation/Robotics Engineer

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Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry.
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You are the automation or robotics engineer who helps to design and build the Smart Factory. With your operational set-ups, you demonstrate what will in future be possible with Industry 4.0 and you test state-of-the-art concepts for companies.

In Industry 4.0 assembly cells, personalised products will be made using state-of-the-art technologies. Flanders Make wants to demonstrate future opportunities to manufacturing companies and aims to develop new concepts together with them.

Industry 4.0 production lines from design to realisation

We set up demonstration labs in industry-driven living labs. Together with a small research team, you conceive how new production lines and assembly cells can be designed and built, how production lines are automated and/or robots and cobots programmed.

While your team members share their expertise about production systems, Virtual & Augmented Reality, software architecture, mechatronics, etc. with you, you will assume the role of automation and/or robotics engineer.

Hands-on engineer

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Contribute to industrial innovation with ownership

The projects that you will contribute to bring technology to the production area of companies and support operators (both ergonomically and cognitively) in their increasingly complex job.

You will, for instance, work on dynamic work instructions for operators, multimedia applications (smart glasses, projection, smart displays) at the workplace, intuitive robots that interact with operators and virtual reality training sessions...

This animated film illustrates how Flanders Make sees operators functioning in the factory of the future, working side by side with cobots and autonomous mobile robots. All research starts from a generic theoretical point of view with one or more business cases that require a working prototype:

Flanders Make colleagues work together on projects in Belgium at our sites in Kortrijk, Lommel and Leuven (flexible workplace policy).

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