Post doc H/F - design and realize new multiferroic systems by combining nanoclusters based on...

Post doc H/F - design and realize new multiferroic systems by combining nanoclusters based on...

France 04 Dec 2021


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04 Dec 2021
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- Growth of ferroelectric-based heterostructures by physical vapour deposition to control the state of stress, morphology, surface chemistry and interface on thin films. Surface preparation using reductive, oxidative, plasmas and other cleanroom treatments to ensure compatibility of the subsequent growth of FeRh nanoclusters on ferroelectric oxides.
- Photoemission spectroscopy on ferroelectrics: use of laboratory equipment to study surface reconstruction, chemical termination, oxide-nanocluster bonds, the effects of the various interface preparations on multiferroic devices, the electrochemical effects of electrical operando experiments.
- Fabrication of micro-devices by combining ferroelectrics with nanoclusters, using different growth techniques, materials and lithographic techniques.
- Surface, structural and electrical characterization (with the support of persons qualified for these measurements).

In partnership with the iLM (Institut Lumière Matière) and the DEIMOS (Dichroism Experimental Installation for Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy) beam line of the SOLEIL synchrotron, this postdoc offer is placed in the framework of the ANR VOLCONANO (VOLtage COntrol of NANOmagnet) project. Its objective is to design and realize new multiferroic systems by combining nanoclusters based on magnetic FeRh alloys deposited on ferroelectric oxide (FE) surfaces to enable the magnetic response of nanomagnets through electrical stimuli.
The recruited person will have the mission to study the growth by physical vapour deposition of heterostructures based on thin FE films coupled to preformed FeRh nanoclusters in vapor phase until realization by lithographic techniques of capacitors microdevices. He/she will study the surface and interface properties at different stages of microdevice processing and under electrical operando and temperature conditions employing photoemission spectroscopy and electron microscopy. She/he will work with the other partners of the ANR and in particular will participate in the different campaigns of experiments in laboratory and synchrotrons.

An important part will be devoted to the study of ferroelectric oxide-nanocluster interfaces by photoemission spectroscopy, within INL and in interaction with iLM. The person recruited will work between two Lyon campuses where these laboratories are located. Missions will also be conducted at SOLEIL to participate to soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments in order to develop and apply electrical operando methods for which the person will be recruited.

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