Dr David Perel Medical Scholarship (Financial Aid Scholarships)

Dr David Perel Medical Scholarship (Financial Aid Scholarships)

Australia 27 Aug 2021
The university of Queensland Australia

The university of Queensland Australia

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27 Aug 2021
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Established in 2019 by Dr Ivan (David) Perel who received his medical degree from The University of Queensland as did his three children. He, along with his late wife Margaret, has given philanthropically through UQ since 2001. Trained in both haematology and pathology, upon his retirement  Dr Perel shared his skills and appreciation of medical history with UQ’s Faculty of Medicine through his extensive volunteer work with the Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History. Through this scholarship, Dr Perel aims to help students accomplish their goals of becoming medical practitioners by minimising the hardships some face due to the costs of their medical education.

This scholarship sits under the Faculty of Medicine’s Financial Aid Scholarships.


An applicant is eligible for a Scholarship, if the applicant –

  1. submits an application to the Dean, by the closing date for applications;
  2. is enrolled full-time in Year One of the Doctor of Medicine;
  3. can provide documentary evidence of financial hardship; and
  4. does not hold another Scholarship that the Dean considers similar.

How to apply

Send your completed application to med.prizes@uq.edu.au.

Your application must include the following:

  1. Completed Cover Page
  2. Completed Student Income Statement (please note that payments received from Centrelink are considered as income)
  3. Centrelink Income Statement
  4. Copy of your unofficial transcript from Si-Net
  5. Personal statement demonstrating how the Scholarship will assist completion of the Doctor of Medicine


Selection criteria

The Scholarships will be awarded to applicants showing greatest merit, as demonstrated by –

  1. evidence of financial need;
  2. strength of personal statement demonstrating how the Scholarship will assist completion of the Doctor of Medicine;
  3. academic achievement in courses undertaken to date in the Doctor of Medicine; and
  4. any other matter that the selection committee considers relevant to the applicant’s future success in their study.


Scholarship and Awards Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine

Scholarship value : At least $9,000 unless this amount exceeds the annual income from the underlying endowment fund.

Number awarded : 1

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