Study Japanese for free at Kobe International Language School in Japan

Study Japanese for free at Kobe International Language School in Japan

Japan 31 Dec 2021
for9a Mina7

for9a Mina7

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31 Dec 2021
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About :
The Program allows you to study Japanese for five months in Japan or more. The program cover the stay  period expenses and is open to students from all countries of the world. Kobe International Language School is a Japanese language school that aims to develop talents who can be active and can contribute to all kinds of societies. Students aim to enter graduate schools, universities or vocational schools as well as obtain employment in a Japanese company by learning practical Japanese at all levels from basic to advanced level.

Kobe International Language School opened in 2011 with 2 Chinese students. But now we have students from around 10 countries.

Last application deadline: Open.

Application condition:
-Motivation to study Japanese.

-After five months the student must look for a job or enroll in a university.

How to Apply:
Send the following documents

The completed application form,

A copy of the passport,

End of studies certificate / Academic transcript of the last diploma,

Documents indicating your current status,

Documents certifying your language skills in Japanese,

Japanese language learning certificate,

Documents showing your family structure,

Funding certificate.

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