Grandmaster Nam K Hyong Scholarship

Grandmaster Nam K Hyong Scholarship



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500 $
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21 Aug 2022
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Full funding
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Grandmaster Nam K. Hyong was an avid supporter of education, in any form. He believed very strongly that the gift of education was the best way to elevate minds and lives. To pursue his education beyond the 8th grade, he had to leave his home in war-torn Korea at the age of 13. After many years of hard work, studying, and surviving on his own, he passed the exams to come to America, receiving a scholarship that changed his life.

This scholarship aims to continue Grandmaster Hyong’s legacy of support and passion for education in the fields of psychology, social work, or education. The ideal applicant for this scholarship is a hardworking, talented, motivated individual who wants to further expand their knowledge but may not have the means to do so.

We are looking for first-generation immigrants or first-generation college students who have a true passion to change their lives and the lives of their families - just as Grandmaster Hyong, Ph.D. was able to do. They are wildly passionate about their chosen field and would work in it for free; but getting paid to do a job in psychology, social work or education is a bonus. They are committed and dedicated to taking care of their family and appreciate all the blessings in life.

To apply, please write a personal essay answering the questions below:

  • Provide a background statement about what have you overcome to be able to apply for higher education. What areas have you excelled in?
  • What is your field of study and the goal you wish to accomplish once you graduate? 
  • What changes are you looking to accomplish both in your field and for yourself, and what are you willing to drive in order to accomplish these changes? 

Background: First-generation immigrant or first-generation college student

Field of Study: Psychology, social work, or education

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