Public Transport Photo Contest offered by Photocrowd

Public Transport Photo Contest offered by Photocrowd

Algeria 22 Oct 2022


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22 Oct 2022
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Photocrowd is launching a photo contest, in association with PhotoPlus, on the theme of "Public Transport", as each and everyone interested in creative photography is invited to take part in this contest.

Our buses, trains, and trams open up the world without the need for car ownership, and allow us to sit and read, chat to a friend, or watch the world go by, whilst others keep their eyes on the road, or the tracks. There’s a long history of public transport, so a wide variety of vehicles in use, or on display in museums. Nowadays they’re not all in public ownership, but would have been originally. And air travel and private hire transport such as taxis tend not to fall under most definitions of public transport, so we’ll also exclude them from this contest as well.

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