Scholarship at the University of Geneva Swiss scholarship program

Scholarship at the University of Geneva Swiss scholarship program

Switzerland 15 Feb 2023
the University of Geneva

the University of Geneva

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15 Feb 2023
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The University of Geneva, in partnership with the United Nations Office at Geneva, is offering, for the 2023-2024 academic year, scholarships for participation in the "Master of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance - MEIG" Program ".
The MEIG Program is a one-year training course in European and international governance aimed at anyone working or wishing to work in national administrations, European and international organizations, associations and foundations dealing with international issues.


The application file should be sent to the email address meig@unige.ch or by post to the address:

Master of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance (MEIG Programme)
Center for European Legal Studies
University of Geneva
40, Boulevard du Pont d'Arve
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Application deadlines:

Session 1: November 15, 2022

Session 2: December 31, 2022

Session 3: February 15, 2023

Further information
For more information, please see the Applicant Guide (Appendix 2)

Application file
The application file must include the following documents*:

 Completed and signed application form (Annex 1)
 Curriculum Vitae (in English) with portrait photo
 Copy of passport or ID card (personal details page)
 Copies of most recent university degree
 Copies of transcripts
 Copy of certificates or other evidence of past and current professional positions
 Cover letter in English

The application for a scholarship, corresponding to partial financial aid, covering tuition fees must be submitted at the same time as the application for the Program and must include the following supporting documents:

Copies of official statements or those of any other affected persons, family members or others you may call upon for assistance

Official statement from a bank  and/or tax forms, indicating available funds and assets

Copies of responses to your other scholarship or loan applications, including those from employers, if applicable

* Any document that is not in French, English, Spanish, German or Italian must be accompanied by a certified translation.

NB. for Moroccan After submitting your application online, as mentioned above, please send, for information, a copy of your file to the Department of Cooperation and Partnership through the following address: mabourse@enssup 

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