A Grant for Undergraduate Jordanian Students from Elia Nuqul Foundation

A Grant for Undergraduate Jordanian Students from Elia Nuqul Foundation

Jordan 19 Feb 2030
Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF)

Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF)

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19 Feb 2030
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Elia Nuqul Foundation offers a grant that covers studying expenses for undergraduate students. The establishment of the Foundation was inspired by the vision and aspirations of Elia Nuqul, who has always believed in the importance of philanthropy. Moreover, Elia Nuqul greatly values learning and the prospects it has to offer. He acknowledges the ambitions of individuals who grow up with few choices and opportunities afforded to them but have aspirations and the motivation to improve their lives. Therefore the Foundation views education as a top priority.


  1. A student should secure acceptance at a Jordanian public university with Tawjihi score of no less than 70%.
  2. A student must submit an acceptance letter at university with the desired specialization.
  3. Be able to show in an interview that s/he possesses the personal qualities to benefit from the scholarship and use it to succeed in the chosen career.
  4. Provide supporting documents that prove that the candidate is in need of financial assistance due to their economic and social circumstances.
  5. The applicant must be enrolled at a university during the year of application as a first-year student.
  6. A student must maintain a cumulative average of no less than “Good” throughout the whole scholarship duration.
  7. A student is requested to complete community service hours in his/her respective community (number of hours will be determined).
  8. A student is required to attend the extra-curricula activities decided by Elia Nuqul Foundation.
  9. A student must be an upstanding citizen with fine conduct and has no criminal record.
  10. The successful candidate must not be beneficiary of any other scholarship scheme.
  11. The successful candidate must commit to the university and specialization agreed upon for the scholarship. 
  12. In the case of changing specialization, an acceptance from the Elia Nuqul Foundation to be granted prior to the change.
  13. Approval of acceptance by Scholars Affairs Committee.


It equips its scholars with the skills, tools, and knowledge to excel, enhance their employment opportunities and find the desired career path leading to a promising future and creating a positive impact on their socio-economic well-being.

About Elia Nuqul Foundation:

The Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) was established in 2008 by the Nuqul family as a sustainable philanthropic entity focusing on social development initiatives in the field of education benefiting individuals and local communities within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees that is comprised of individuals with expertise from the private and civic sectors so they may guide the Foundation’s operational and technical activities in a strategic, sound and transparent manner, as well as ensure adherence to sound governance principles.  

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