Granting of Research Alowances 2018, Switzerland

Granting of Research Alowances 2018, Switzerland

Switzerland 01 Jul 2019
SEFRI, email Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students

SEFRI, email Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students

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01 Jul 2019
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Network Dedicated to the History of the Monastic Economy

The Center for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) (www.cas.bg) and the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe (GCE) at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of St. Gallen (www.gce.unisg.ch) have established a NETWORK of scholars from Southeastern and Western Europe devoted to the history of monastic economy. The goal of the NETWORK is to nurture research in this field in a comparative perspective and in view of the longue duréerelevance of the monastic tradition for economic culture. The NETWORK supports the creation of a scholarly community by fostering intellectual debates, facilitating contacts and mobility, and bringing together academics from different thematic and institutional backgrounds. Its first workshop was organized and hosted by CAS on November 10-12, 2017.

This Call is addressed to candidates willing to join the NETWORK. Part of its budget (2017-2019) is allocated to the granting on a competitive basis of RESEARCH ALLOWANCES.

Research tools eligible for funding include:

  • Single (up to one month) or multiple (totaling up to one month) research stays abroad or in the home country (including travel costs, accommodation, per-diem)
  • Organization of small seminars
  • Invitation of eminent scholars in the field for guest lectures
  • Handling of archival materials, images, and databases
  • Monastic case studies (research visits to specific monasteries; interviews…)  
  • Conference/Workshop attendance (participation fees; travel costs…)
  • Other (proposed by the applicant)
  • Publication costs are not eligible. 

The relevant areas of research include, but are not limited to, topics such as: Economic activities of the monasteries; Monastic economy and market (capitalist) rationality; Relations with the State (including confiscations of monastic assets); Flow of financial funds in the monastic economy; Wealth management; Governance; Economy of the Holy Mountain (Mt. Athos) and other monastic sanctuaries. The time frame covers medieval, pre-modern and modern history as well as current trends in a longue durée historical perspective. The geographical coverage comprises the Orthodox realm in South-Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, the institution of the Constantinople Patriarchate) and the Catholic/Protestant domain in the Western Balkans (Croatia, Slovenia) and Western Europe.

Candidates soliciting support may apply for particular tool(s) which is/are explicitly related to a broader project or an already structured academic initiative in the field of monastic economy. The application in English should contain an estimation of the costs and a working plan. Single project’s funding cannot exceed 3 000 euro per year. Continuation of funding is possible pending a new application.


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