As an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization, the Forum for Middle East and South Eastern Europe (FOMOSO) promotes opinion on Middle Eastern and South Eastern Europe in Switzerland a

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Authorized for participation are solely full age persons. The competition is opened worldwide.


There is nothing permanent except change! Social and Political Changes in East-Central and Southeast Europe Photographs may capture special moments for eternity, moments, which were changing something, or maybe not. Some photographs keep us busy – were they taken spontaneously or not? Sometimes the meaning of a snapshot does not become obvious straightaway, but years or decades later. Photographs are witnesses to history. Our society changes permanently, or, as Heraclitus said: There is nothing permanent except change. Currently, there is a lot of social and political change in Europe, especially in countries of East-Central and Southeast Europe.  The transformation in the political landscape keeps going. FOMOSO calls for photos showing social or political changes, for example photos of demonstrations, rallies, but also buildings, districts, places, scenes, where social and/or political change happens, graffiti about actual subjects of change and so on.

1st place: 100 € and a certificate
2nd and 3rd place: a Sterling silver coin and a certificate
4th to 10th place: a certificate

Application process:

Participants may submit up to four photographs concerning social or political change in EastCentral and/ or Southeast Europe in the data formats JPG, PNG, etc. to
[email protected] Maximum size of the data is 10 MB. Entry deadline will be on 31st of October. The relations between the photographs and the subject shall be declared in a short essay (max. 200 words). The photograph(s) should be taken in East-Central or/and Southeast Europe* during the last two years. The participant declares to agree with the publication of his work on the website www.fomoso.org and the social media channels of FOMOSO, and confirms that the photos are free from rights or claims of third parties.

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