Job Opportunity for Handcrafts in Jordan to Publish their Artwork on Souq Fann Platform

Job Opportunity for Handcrafts in Jordan to Publish their Artwork on Souq Fann Platform

Souq Fann

Souq Fann

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19 Feb 2024
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Are you an artisan or an artist and you have the skill of making distinctive handmade products? Do you work in handicraft organization? Are you an institution or a business association? Do you need to reach more customers? Souq Fann platform - the first platform for selling handmade products online and offering users the best local handcrafted products by the creators of the Arab world - offers talented individuals who have the talent of crafting to showcase their craft products and publish them on the Souq Fann website, mobile application and social media to attract more customers and help them increase their profits. It is a unique opportunity for artists and artisans to share and sell their artworks on the Internet by only using their computers or mobile phones. Souq Fann is characterized by hundreds of high-quality products as well as art the artisans' success stories and challenges encountered during their career. Souq Fann is also easily used for both suppliers and customers. It divides the products according to their classification, prices of the products and their characteristics such as weight, size and material. The art market includes 7 different categories, each of which has several subcategories covering all types of handicrafts. We are interested in displaying natural products, accessories, jewellery, ornamental products, textiles and carpets; such as embroidery, crochet and artworks such as drawings, carvings, printing, clothing, souvenirs and gifts. Features that you will receive as suppliers when you join the Art Market platform: Showcase your products to a large segment of users around the world. Allocation of space for suppliers to present their stories  Marketing your products through social media, website and applications. Facilitate delivery and payment processes between the suppliers and the customers. Terms and Policies: Applicants must be residents of Jordan. All products must be manually manufactured. The products should be high quality and distinctive. Product must comply with customer needs and compliance with terms and conditions. Product prices shall be compatible with local market prices. Availability of the product quantities or the possibility of making it on demand. Pay attention and cooperate with those who are based on the art market platform. Share site suppliers stories so customers can identify them. Approval of the payment policy, which is the location of the percentage of revenues of the products agreed upon in advance for the services it allows in marketing products and selling and delivery to customers. 


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