A free online course on scriptwriting

Deadline : 19 Feb 2020

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A free online course on scriptwriting

Future Learning offers a free online scenario writing course. This course will provide learners with the basic elements and concepts of professional scriptwriting. This course has been prepared by the Faculty of Arts at the University of East Anglia’s.

This free course is aimed at amateur learners in screenwriting as well as more experienced writers who want to develop their writing and reach a professional level. Learners will familiarize themselves with the common vocabulary in screenwriting.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explore key issues related to scenario writing.
  • Explain the basic principles of screenwriting.
  • Learn the basics of text formatting.
  • Discuss the process of building a professional text.
  • Understand the basic concepts needed to write an effective script and master the language used to discuss the model.

Course Topics:

  • The basic characteristics of the scenario.
  • Developing the basic story process.
  • Story structures including the three seasons combination, and the alternative story combination.
  • The main characters are developing the details of these characters.
  • Build scenes including dialogue and voice characters.
  • Workflow for writing the first draft of a feature film script.
  • The process of coordinating the scenario.
  • Writing - and revision - the first draft.

There are no requirements for this course except for a passion for scriptwriting and interest in this field.

Course Instructor:
The course will be taught by screenwriter Michael Lingsfield, who teaches screenwriting at East Anglia’s University, specializing in theories and practices of dramatic adaptation.


  • Media and Press
  • the movies
  • Writing

Opportunity Targets

  • Everyone

Required Documents

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  • English

How To Apply:
To apply for this opportunity, please register on the site and join the course through this link.

Contact Details:
For more information please see the following link


Do not forget to mention Mina7 in your application.

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