Volunteer opportunity in Poland with children and youth from European Youth Portal

Deadline : 19 Feb 2019

Nonprofit organization: European Youth Portal

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Volunteer opportunity in Poland with children and youth from European Youth Portal

European Youth Portal, in cooperation with ANAWOJ, invites active and independent individuals who like to work with children and young people and wish to pursue their own small businesses to apply for volunteerism in Poland. Life in Poland is simple with wooden houses heated by stoves, so the volunteer must be sure of his desire to live under these simple conditions, and the volunteer period will be 20 weeks from August 2018 until July 2019.

Responsibilities and tasks include:
[1] Assist in the coordination of youth exchange projects and international labor camps

[2] Assist in organizing, preparing and creating different types of seminars, workshops and training courses at the regional and international level

[3] help with office work (private correspondence, public relations, home page updates, local web forums, newsletters, posters, information sheets, etc.)

[4] Organizing outdoor activities for children (in summer camps, forestry or playgrounds)

[5] Assistance and environmental activities for children in nature and forests

[6] Conducting a European workshop in the school, kindergartens and treatment center for people with special needs

Requirements include:
[1] The volunteer should be interested in working with children and young people and able to take the initiative

[2] Graphic design and film or video skills are welcome

[3] The volunteer must be willing to live in a small village (3,000 inhabitants), where the nearby big city is 40 km away and can be reached by local buses

The benefits:
Volunteers will be offered a living space in a town with wooden houses under simple conditions, and the volunteer will gain great experience while dealing with children and youth in a beautiful environment.

About European Youth Portal:
European Youth Portal offers European and national information and opportunities for young people living and learning and working in Europe, providing information on eight major topics covering 34 countries and available in 28 languages.


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Opportunity Targets

  • Everyone

Required Documents

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport size photo

Funding Coverage

  • Residence


  • English

How To Apply:
To apply, send your CV and photo to anawoj.evs@gmail.com.

Contact Details:
For more information, please visit

If you have any questions, contact the team here


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