Free online course on success and self-development skills

Free online course on success and self-development skills



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19 Feb 2020
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Over time, the EDRAK platform, one of the initiatives of the Queen Rania Foundation, has continued to offer various online training courses for free, with the aim of delivering targeted educational content and making it accessible to all.

Edrak now offers a free online training course in success and self-development skills, which focuses on giving effective and practical ways and means to develop your personal skills and manage yourself in a practical and effective manner, which will enable you to succeed in your projects on a personal and professional level. This course will be given by international specialists in providing advice on the career path, where through this free course you will learn the principles and methods of communication that will help you to express clearly your ideas and communicate in various ways with different audiences. You will be able to draw a mental map of personal and professional priorities, learn about the SMART goals criteria, the obstacles to achievement and easy and simple mechanisms to overcome these obstacles, in addition to how to analyze life and practical situations full of different problems and challenges to reach the best practices and various alternatives to solve them. And provide a set of practical advice and exercises on the ground to enable you to effectively plan, set priorities and use the daily program effectively.

The course includes four courses:

[1] The six themes of success.

[2] goal-setting and self-management skills.

[3] Time management, pressure management.

[4] Communication skills.

You will learn through these four courses the following:

[1] What is the definition of success and what is the difference between success and happiness?

[2] Why are we afraid of changing ourselves? How do we better understand ourselves? What is the practical plan for self-development?

[3] Identify the criteria for success for successful people and understand the focus on achieving success.

[4] Learn about the requirements of self-confidence.

[5] Analyze problems and challenges and then come up with different alternatives to solve them.

[6] Learn about the concepts of innovative creative thinking.

[7] Reduce "chaos" in your life and increase the process of controlling your life.

[8] Raise the level of feeling of the need to act immediately and not delay.

[9] Possessing the pressures of life and controlling stress which hinder peace of mind.

[10] Understanding the elements that mark effective communication.

[11] Understanding the different features and limitations of the media.

[12] Understand how to formulate different messages for different audiences.


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  • Social science

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All you have to do is create a new account on the realization platform and join the course.

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