Free online course on effective communication in the workplace

Deadline : 19 Feb 2020

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Free online course on effective communication in the workplace

The National University of Singapore, through the Coursera platform, offers a free course to specialize in effective communication in a globalized workplace for those preparing to enter the work environment. Through this major which includes 4 free online courses, there will be some major cultural and linguistic features that distinguish effective communication in the increasingly diverse and progressive workplace.

The courses are divided as follows:

[1] Establishing a professional personality through effective intercultural communication: The course begins by highlighting the need to take into account cultural values ​​when communicating in a multicultural society and workplace, and discusses some of the effective communication skills required to build relationships with colleagues in the globalized workplace.

[2] Strengthening Your Expansion Network: This course aims to provide you with a speech in the workplace that facilitates familiarity with practices in the surrounding environment and that helps you assess the intricacies of the organizational structure and hierarchy within the organization.

[3] Participation in convincing and reliable communications: convincing communication is necessary for any professional workplace, as a simple email request to a colleague in order to assist you or prepare a presentation to the board of directors is all communication business that requires a good degree of persuasion. Therefore, this course provides you with the basic skills necessary to persuade in the context of professional and practical communication.

[4] Become part of a globalized workplace: This final course aims to build learners ’confidence and resilience when communicating in multicultural environments where they have a leadership responsibility in influencing workplace contexts that require persuasion.

[5] Effective communication in the globalized workplace - the overall project: This project requires for this specialization to demonstrate the degree of your understanding of previous courses and to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in real workplace scenarios. In particular, you will be given freedom to choose from a portfolio of projects based on scenarios and case studies from different workplaces. The project is scheduled to be completed within six weeks and the evaluation will be conducted through a mixture of peer and teacher evaluation.

There are no requirements or limits to apply, but this major is designed for people who are preparing to enter the workplace, especially at the international level.

At the end of the course, you will learn how to communicate effectively to establish relationships with colleagues in a culturally and linguistically diverse community and workplace, and will also demonstrate greater awareness of the nature and intricacies of communication.

The National University of Singapore is one of the leading international universities in Asia and Singapore, as it aspires to influence the future through education, research and service provision. The University today offers a global curriculum for education and research with a focus on Asian perspectives and experiences.


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