Free Online Course from edX: Using Email for Networking in English 2019

Deadline : 22 Feb 2022

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Free Online Course from edX: Using Email for Networking in English 2019

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Effective writing is an important business skill, especially for networking, and most communication takes place using email.  
In this course, you’ll learn important vocabulary and strategies for writing effective emails, starting with the subject line.  You'll learn how to write messages for different audiences and understand when to be formal or direct. You’ll also learn how your choice of words can change the way people view your message. You'll practice writing emails to follow up with people in your network.

What you'll learn

  • Create and use email messages, including greetings, the body of message, format, and closing 
  • Use appropriate tone and formality in your emails 
  • Use email to invite a person in your network to meet with you 
  • Write follow-up emails 
  • Technology
Opportunity Targets
  • Anyone Interested
Funding: No funding
  • English

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