3D Hubs Student Grant 2019

Deadline : 30 Jun 2019

Scientific organisation: 3D Hubs

Specialities: Engineering

Study level: Postgraduate

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3D Hubs Student Grant 2019

Starting today, we are accepting applications to the 3D Hubs 3D Printing Student Grant
2019. We’re looking for inventors, entrepreneurs and creative talents in STEM subjects
that push the boundaries of 3D printing.
We are accepting applications in five categories - Product Design, Robotics, Sustainability,
Transportation and Healthcare - from students and recent graduates who can show us how they used 3D
printing to solve real-life problems in their respective fields.
The winner of each category will receive $1000 in funding for their project. More importantly, 3D Hubs
will support the winners and finalists who are interested in turning their project into a product by
showcasing their work to a global audience and by providing technical support and advice on how to go
from prototyping to production.
Filemon Schoffer, co-founder and CMO of 3D Hubs, comments: “We are excited to support the efforts of
the ambitious students and innovators who want to turn their idea into a product. We can't wait to see
what the next generation of designers and engineers are working on.” Read more here.
The past two editions of the 3D Hubs Student Grant had more than 1000 applicants, from 400
universities, showcasing an array of innovative and unique applications of 3D printing. Many entries made
waves in their respective field, inspiring students and professionals alike.
Students can apply and learn more about the rules and eligibility criteria on this page; 3D Hubs Student
Grant 2019. Applications close on Sunday, June 30th and awardees will be announced on Wednesday,
July 17th.
About 3D Hubs:
3D Hubs is the online platform for all your manufacturing needs. We make manufacturing easy, from prototyping to
production. Our online platform provides readily available production capacity for the fastest lead times and most
price-competitive parts. Simply upload your designs to get instant quotes for 3D printing, CNC machining, and
Injection Molding. Our automated Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis detects any potential issues before
production begins. Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs has since produced more than 2,000,000 parts, serving engineering
companies big and small.

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