Funded Residency in Jerusalem for Artists, Researchers and Academics 2020
Al Ma'mal

Funded Residency in Jerusalem for Artists, Researchers and Academics 2020

Palestine 29 Feb 2020


المعمل هي منظمة غير ربحية يقع مقرها في مصنع للبلاط سابقًا في البلدة القديمة في القدس، حيث تخدم المجتمع المحيط بها وضيوفها وزوار المدينة من خلال برنامج للمعارض والموسيقى وورش العمل. منذ عام 1998، أصبحت
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29 Feb 2020
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Al Ma’mal in Jerusalem is offering a residency for artists, researchers and academics to research, produce and exhibit new works that engage with the programs of the organization and the community. Each visiting artist is given the opportunity to propose and focus on a particular project whilst in residence from July to December 2020, which may be influenced or inspired by the reality of daily life in the city, the country and the region. Through this residency program, the foundation aims to promote Jerusalem’s cultural and artistic scene, create an impact on it, and build bridges for learning and understanding between the city and the world. Al Ma’mal seeks to root itself within the local community and encourage cultural and social development in the area.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Artists, researchers and academics with a project are eligible to apply. 
  2. The Residency is non-thematic as the organization encourages creative freedom for the guests; however residency applicants are encouraged to take into consideration the socio-political environment in Jerusalem, while developing existing or producing new works. 
  3. Artists-in-residence are encouraged to work directly with the community and are invited to take part in Al Ma’mal’s public program.
  4. The residency is open to all areas of knowledge and any applicant who is able to contribute towards a constructive and successful residency is welcome to apply.

What is Expected of You:

  1. To dedicate the allocated residency period to research or develop an existing or new artistic/research project. 
  2. To meet on a weekly basis with Al Ma’mal’s team to follow up with your work and provide feedback. 
  3. Cooperate with Al Ma’mal’s team in hosting 1-2 public events with reference to your residency.


  1. An all-inclusive studio apartment is free of rent in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. 
  2. A per diem as well as a contribution towards production costs. 
  3. International travel will be covered (up to $700). 
  4. An opportunity to develop a project with Al Ma’mal and prospect for a future exhibition, publication & workshops. 
  5. Guidance and feedback regarding your work from Al Ma’mal’s team and their professional network.

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