Free Online Course: Learn Turkish Language from Yunus Emre Institute

Free Online Course: Learn Turkish Language from Yunus Emre Institute

Yunus Emre Institute

Yunus Emre Institute

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Yunus Emre Institute is offering free online course that will help participants to learn Turkish Language for all levels .

About the Course

  1. Level A1: Participants can understand basic expressions about family and relatives. They can express themselves about subjects by using short sentences and body language.
  2. Level A2: Participants can express themselves by using basic words and phrases. They can understand the simple and short texts about these subjects.
  3. Level B1: Participants can clearly express their wishes and expectations in topics that they know or they´re interested in, understand texts that are written in a clear language and in a standard style.
  4. Level B2: Participants can follow speeches and discussions about current topics, they can communicate fluently with native language speakers.
  5. Level C1: Participants can understand television programs and long conversations without difficulty. They can express themselves in a fluent and natural way.
  6. Level C2: Participants can understand long and complex texts in a specific profession. They can express their opinions about each subject in a suitable and detailed way.

About Organization

Yunus Emre Institute is a worldwide non-profit organization created by the Turkish government in 2007. Named after the famous 14th-century poet Yunus Emre, it aims to promote Turkish culture around the world. It has been regarded as a Turkish soft power institution and was created by decree by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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