The First Conference about Indoor Air Environment & Quality for the Interested Medical Disciplines in Jordan

Deadline : 21 Nov 2019

Specialities: Engineering , Medical Sciences

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The First Conference about Indoor Air Environment & Quality for the Interested Medical Disciplines in Jordan

In today's life complications, it is very important to maintain a healthy and safe Indoor Environment for occupants in their daily life activities, living spaces, health care facilities; educational facilities, office buildings, workspaces, industrial facilities besides the outdoor environment in other places needed to be maintained healthy and safe. the first conference in Jordan & the Middle East about "Indoor Air Environment & Quality" under the title of "Indoor Environment Quality & Occupational Health Risk Assessment & Raising Awareness, Professionalism beyond Certification". The conference will take place in Amman on 23-24 November 2019. Two days of scientific content and two more days for professional training sessions will take place.

Relevant participants and stakeholders including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Local, Regional & International Environmental Authorities, companies & Individuals.
  2. Local, Regional & International Occupational health Authorities, companies & Individuals.
  3. Local, Regional & International relevant research institutes and centers.
  4. Local, Regional & International Health care facilities, Laboratories, Medical Equipment Providers.
  5. Industrial Sector & Industrial Facilities Workers & Operators.
  6. Educational Sector & Educational Facilities Workers & Operators.
  7. Engineers all disciplines & Engineering students.
  8. Medical Sector and Medical disciplines Students.

The first year of Indoor Environment Quality & Occupational health conference will address and cover the following major topics:

  • The sick buildings Syndrome, its impact on humans health.
  • Indoor air and Indoor environment Pollutants.
  • Response to problems in the Indoor Environment. (IAQ & IEQ)
  • Importance of Occupational Health Culture
  • Safety in Health Care Facilities and Laboratories.
  • Infection Control in Critical Facilities.
  • What is Industrial Hygiene?

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Host Country: Jordan

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