Awards in Netherlands level Postgraduate field Journalism


2023 prizes

The Mina7 platform offers many free prizes to its talented and passionate followers who have hobbies in various fields such as literature, journalism, Internet, photography, design, drawing, art, poetry , journalism, technology and entrepreneurship.
Where can all ages and all nationalities apply for these prizes offered from our community, and all are free for-profit prices or require a small fee.




Journalism is the activity of collecting, verifying or commenting facts to bring them to the attention of the public in the media, respecting the same deontology of journalism, based on the protection of sources of information, from the war correspondent to Investigative journalism, and other specializations: press designer, journalist (JRI), photojournalist, editorial secretary, music critic or editorialist.



Postgraduate 2022-2023. This is an advanced stage of study, whether in science majors or social sciences and humanities majors, and graduate studies include advanced degrees, masters, doctorates, and postgraduate studies require the student to obtain a bachelor's degree.


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