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Conferences & Seminars:

Find the best conferences and seminars, forums, symposia, the conferences in economics for the year 2024, the yalta conference, the Paris conference, the bishops' conference of france, the conferences of the great school.
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We regularly publish funding and scholarship opportunities in Switzerland, you will find a list of articles explaining the admission process. It is important to know that in Switzerland, there are several types of scholarships including scholarships for excellence or merit, special scholarships from the Swiss government, scholarships from Swiss companies, scholarships from international foundations and organizations, school scholarships, grants and reductions for low-income families, etc.

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A doctorate degree is known as one of the university degrees awarded by the major universities where, recognized worldwide, it is one of the highest degrees that a scientific researcher can obtain, and it is awarded by a panel of juries and experts, after the researcher has submitted his thesis in the field of his specialty.
The PhD is considered to be at the forefront of the postgraduate degrees that a scientific researcher aspires to obtain, and there are many reasons for doing so, such as the development of abilities, skills and cultural knowledge, in addition to obtaining a prestigious academic position in a major project or university.

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