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The fellowship, or partnership, is a short-term accredited scientific and practical training program that lasts from a few weeks to several years and often takes place abroad. Fellowships focus on the practical and professional development of individual colleagues and provide them with an excellent start to their career with all the resources, support and professional networks that enable them to achieve goals that you may not be able to achieve in a typical job, and are a valuable addition to their CV, as they allow them to work with professionals and receive advice, improve training opportunities and establish many connections in their chosen field, and fellowships often lead to better employment opportunities. The fellowship aims to provide practical, real-life experiences to colleagues, as they should take on a great deal of responsibility during this period, as they have unique experiences and in-depth training that may not be suitable for them in other circumstances. The awards are available to graduate students and researchers and include seminars, in-depth research on specific issues and extensive skills development programs. Fellowships are funded by a wide range of organizations, including foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, universities, the media and businesses, with most fellowship programs offering a living allowance or monthly salary, in addition to other expenses such as accommodation, housing and health insurance.

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All information related to the studies in Australia:

Australia is one of the top destinations for study and immigration.

This country currently has a significant number of international students. International students choose this study destination for the following reasons.

Universities highly recognized worldwide: Australian universities are at the top of the world university rankings. As an example, we can cite the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, RMIT university, the University of Western Australia, Curtain University of Technology.

A significant number of scholarships for international students each year: Universities in Australia offer a significant number of scholarships each year to attract international students. Whether it is a private or public university they both focus on international students as a priority. The Australian government also offers scholarships.

One of the best destinations for research: Australia has one of the best research infrastructures in the world with exchange opportunities in the United States of America given the large number of partnerships that exist.

Flexible immigration for foreign students: The Australian government has an immigration program that offers international students the opportunity to settle in Australia, find employment, or start their own projects.

Work opportunity after graduation: The job market in Australia is always in shortage. This makes it easier to get work after graduation.


Admission to Australia to get admission to Australia you will need:

-Submit your application online on the university website.

-the application documents are as follows:


Cover letter

Diplomas Transcripts

Letter of references provided by your professors.

For doctoral program application, A thesis project is necessary.

Required documents for student visa application:

The application is online,

Have admission to a university,

Parental authorization for students under 18, 

Fluency in English (English certificate),

Health insurance Financial resources required (grant letter or bank account)

Accommodation in Australia:

Looking for accommodation in Australia

You have the following alternatives

Private rental

University accommodation

Online rental service


Mina7 recommends the following universities in Australia:

-Monash University

-University of Melbourne

-Sydney University

-Kensington University

-RMIT University

-University of Western Australia

-The University of Adelaide

-Macquarie University

-Curtin university

-University of Newcastle Griffith

-University University of South Australia

-The-University of Canberra.

High School:

How do I get a high school scholarship?
Secondary education is the last stage of school education, this stage precedes basic education and is followed by higher education, which includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Mina7 presents you below the best educational opportunities to get a free scholarship in France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada.

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Everick Foundation Scholarship for Indigenous Heritage

Enrolment status: Current UQ student Student type: Domestic Study level: Undergraduate, Honours Study level: Arts, humanities and social sciences, Science and mathematics Scholarship focus: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Scholarship value: $5,000 Scholarship duration: 1 year Number awarded: May vary1 ...

Everick Foundation Scholarship for Indigenous Heritage

Enrolment status: Current UQ student Student type: Domestic Study level: Undergraduate, Honours Study level: Arts, humanities and social sciences Scholarship focus: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Scholarship value: $5,000 Scholarship duration: 1 year Number awarded: May vary Applications open:1 ...

Anita McCrossin and Bazil Muir Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment

Enrolment status: Current UQ student Student type: Domestic, International Study level: Undergraduate, Honours Study level: Arts, humanities and social sciences Scholarship focus: Academic excellence, Financial hardship Scholarship value: $4,500 Scholarship duration: Minimum completion time Numbe1 ...

Osiecki Honours Scholarship in Classics

Apply for the Osiecki Honours Scholarship in Classics.  Established in 2014 and maintained by an annual donation from Bio Concepts Pty Ltd, the purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and support honours students in the discipline of Classics and Ancient History to undertake travel that furthers their studies. Founded in 1909, the University of Queensland is ranked second nationally by excellence in research and equal second in Australia. It is committed to providing high-quality1 ...

Denis J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Description Established in 1990 in memory of the late Denis Joseph Murphy, a past Reader in History at The University of Queensland and maintained by the income from a fund established by the donations of friends and colleagues. The scholarship is awarded annually on the basis of academic merit in previous studies to a student intenting to undertake research into the history of the labour movement in Australia. Eligibility The s1 ...

George Essex Evans Scholarship

Description Established in 1972 by a bequest of $4,714.38 from the late Miss Anne Basilea Valentina Evans in memory of her brother George Essex Evans. The object of the scholarship is to assist an outstanding student to complete an honours program in English Literature or Drama. Eligibility The scholarship is open to students undertaking Honours in the field of English Literature or Drama, preferably in the field of Australian li1 ...

FitzGerald Scholarship

Description Founded in 2018 by a gift from Dr Vince FitzGerald AO, the FitzGerald Scholarship is maintained by an endowment fund which is open to further gifts. This scholarship is for Economics Honours students only. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and reward the study of applied economics and econometrics at The University of Queensland. How to apply You will be automatically considered for this scholarship as p1 ...

Donald Tugby Musicology Prize

Description Dr Donald Tugby in 2013Donald Tugby (1920-2015) was an alumnus and major supporter of UQ, having established prizes in biomedical sciences, archaeology, anthropology, psychology of peace, art history and musicology, veterinary science, and earth science. Collectively known as the Donald Tugby Renaissance Prize Endowment, these prizes are awarded annually for excellence in education and research in the nominated fields, and are a reflection of Dr Tugby’1 ...

Music Honours Prize

Description The prize was established in 2016 and is maintained by an annual donation from Mr Noel Wilmott, who previously funded the Musicology Prize  from 1994 to 2015.   Eligibility Students enrolled in - (i) the Bachelor of Music (Honours) program or associated dual degree programs; or (ii) the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program in the field of Music; or (iii) the Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours) program in the f1 ...

A.G. McCready Memorial Scholarship

Description Established in 1996 by Mrs I.C. McCready in memory of her late husband Alfred Glen McCready, who was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Classics and awarded the University Medal for outstanding merit in 1940 and who lectured in Classics with the University of Queensland, 1946-49. The scholarship is maintained by the income of the fund established by a gift of $30,000 from Mrs I.C. McCready, Mr W.K. Lam and Dr L.L. Ch1 ...

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