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The fellowship, or partnership, is a short-term accredited scientific and practical training program that lasts from a few weeks to several years and often takes place abroad. Fellowships focus on the practical and professional development of individual colleagues and provide them with an excellent start to their career with all the resources, support and professional networks that enable them to achieve goals that you may not be able to achieve in a typical job, and are a valuable addition to their CV, as they allow them to work with professionals and receive advice, improve training opportunities and establish many connections in their chosen field, and fellowships often lead to better employment opportunities. The fellowship aims to provide practical, real-life experiences to colleagues, as they should take on a great deal of responsibility during this period, as they have unique experiences and in-depth training that may not be suitable for them in other circumstances. The awards are available to graduate students and researchers and include seminars, in-depth research on specific issues and extensive skills development programs. Fellowships are funded by a wide range of organizations, including foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, universities, the media and businesses, with most fellowship programs offering a living allowance or monthly salary, in addition to other expenses such as accommodation, housing and health insurance.

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Pursue your bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree at one of Germany's prestigious universities such as Hamburg Universität, Heinz Kühn, Hamburg Institute for Social Research, and more. Apply for scholarships made for international students like the DAAD Scholarships; fully funded scholarships that cover all tuition and travel costs, plus a monthly salary. Not looking for a degree? Find other opportunities in Germany such as technical residencies and training courses, all at little or no cost to you.

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Postgraduate 2024-2024. This is an advanced stage of study, whether in science majors or social sciences and humanities majors, and graduate studies include advanced degrees, masters, doctorates, and postgraduate studies require the student to obtain a bachelor's degree.

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