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United States of America:

Find opportunities in the United States such as contests, events, conferences, job openings, cultural exchanges, hands-on training programs with organizations, and more. Explore bachelor, master, and doctoral scholarships across all 50 states that include full and partial funding, travel costs, and living stipends. MINA7 shows you the most up to date opportunities in the US and makes it easy to apply!


Journalism is the activity of collecting, verifying or commenting facts to bring them to the attention of the public in the media, respecting the same deontology of journalism, based on the protection of sources of information, from the war correspondent to Investigative journalism, and other specializations: press designer, journalist (JRI), photojournalist, editorial secretary, music critic or editorialist.


High School:

How do I get a high school scholarship?
Secondary education is the last stage of school education, this stage precedes basic education and is followed by higher education, which includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Mina7 presents you below the best educational opportunities to get a free scholarship in France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada.


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