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This page is dedicated to offering free scholarships degrees abroad. All scholarships offered by the opportunity platform are grants that are funded in whole or in part. This means that they cover tuition fees, travel, visa, and accommodation costs, in addition to a monthly stipend that varies according to the institution or university funding the grant. The site offers all the opportunities offered by overseas scholarship programs such as DAAD, Fulbright Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. You can also find funding from the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish government scholarships, along with other graduate degree programs.

We present to you the list of top fully funded scholarships for the year 2025-2026,currently open for applications, These scholarships provide full funding for your studies and are open to both international and domestic students for the 2025-2026 academic year

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French Scholarships for International Students
These French scholarships for international students include Internships, Fellowships, Grants, Fully Funded Scholarships, Tuition waivers for Undergraduates, Masters, Ph.D. Students from around the world.
therefore, if you are searching for any of the following opportunities to study in France scholarship just scroll down these links.

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How do I get a high school scholarship?
Secondary education is the last stage of school education, this stage precedes basic education and is followed by higher education, which includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Mina7 presents you below the best educational opportunities to get a free scholarship in France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada.

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$10,000 Mel Klein Scholarship 2023-24

Offered By Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc State Nationwide Description This scholarship provides aid to current high school seniors who are planning to pursue a degree at Baylor University, Colgate University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Tulane University, or University of Texas. Essay Required: Unknown Recommendations Required: Unknown Minimum GPA: 2.50 Major Any Major Type Generic ...

Joieful Connections Scholarship

Joieful Connections believes that children of all abilities should have the opportunity to attend college or other forms of higher education.Unfortunately, college is often not accessible to students with disabilities. With disabled students making up 14% of public school students, with a total of around 7 million, it’s critical that this group has more support, so they’re able to pursue their dreams of higher education.This scholarship seeks to support students with a diagnosis of develop1 ...

Scholarships for Athletes 2023-24

Offered By NCSA College Recruiting State Nationwide Description Want to play sports in college? Increase your chances of an athletic scholarship by building a free recruiting profile in the only network trusted by 35,000 college coaches! Essay Required: No Recommendations Required: No Minimum GPA: None Major Any Major Type Generic ...

Everick Foundation Scholarship for Indigenous Heritage

Enrolment status: Current UQ student Student type: Domestic Study level: Undergraduate, Honours Study level: Arts, humanities and social sciences, Science and mathematics Scholarship focus: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Scholarship value: $5,000 Scholarship duration: 1 year Number awarded: May vary1 ...

RonranGlee Literary Scholarship

Close reading is an underappreciated, wonderful skill that offers unique insights into the world.Close reading is a very important tool for extracting the most out of one's college learning experience by being able to interpret the underlying meanings of texts. Looking beyond the surface and taking the time and energy to dive deeper is crucial in maximizing one's knowledge.This scholarship aims to support students who are pursuing higher education and making the most of their time through close1 ...

Redefining Victory Scholarship

In various spheres of life, success takes on multifaceted definitions, from the pursuit of academic excellence to the realization of personal passions and goals. These diverse interpretations of achievement underscore the complex tapestry of success that individuals weave throughout their unique journeys.Their journeys are marked by passion, perseverance, and self-education, proving that potential is not limited to the traditional academia route. Their stories are a testament to countless peopl1 ...

Ryan Yebba Memorial Mental Health Scholarship

Ryan was a beloved son, brother, nephew, and friend, lost to suicide at the young age of 24. Ryan was a precocious and empathetic child. He could be mischievous at times, often curious and impulsive. He was an avid reader of anything non-fiction and could hold conversations with the articulacy of most adults at a very young age.Ryan was prone to anxiety as a child and developed mild motor tics. He received a diagnosis of ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 7. Throughout his school years,1 ...

Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship

As a personal injury law firm in New York, Morgan Levine Dolan believes it is important for the next generation to be able to achieve the highest levels of education possible.To help students pursue this level of achievement, they would like to financially assist those who wish to attend college. The Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship seeks to help applicants who are team players and have experience playing sports in high school or volunteering for community services in their loc1 ...

Anita McCrossin and Bazil Muir Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment

Enrolment status: Current UQ student Student type: Domestic, International Study level: Undergraduate, Honours Study level: Arts, humanities and social sciences Scholarship focus: Academic excellence, Financial hardship Scholarship value: $4,500 Scholarship duration: Minimum completion time Numbe1 ...

Martin Simutis Memorial Scholarship

Pursuing higher education comes with many challenges and obstacles that can drive potential students to delay or abandon their educational goals.In addition to the time commitment required by college, which can be difficult for students who have family responsibilities or need to work, the high price of tuition makes it too expensive for many students. This scholarship aims to support students of Lithuanian descent as they pursue higher education in their fields of choice.Any high school,1 ...

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