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This page is dedicated to offering free scholarships degrees abroad. All scholarships offered by the opportunity platform are grants that are funded in whole or in part. This means that they cover tuition fees, travel, visa, and accommodation costs, in addition to a monthly stipend that varies according to the institution or university funding the grant. The site offers all the opportunities offered by overseas scholarship programs such as DAAD, Fulbright Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. You can also find funding from the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish government scholarships, along with other graduate degree programs.

We present to you the list of top fully funded scholarships for the year 2025-2026,currently open for applications, These scholarships provide full funding for your studies and are open to both international and domestic students for the 2025-2026 academic year

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Find opportunities in the United States such as contests, events, conferences, job openings, cultural exchanges, hands-on training programs with organizations, and more. Explore bachelor, master, and doctoral scholarships across all 50 states that include full and partial funding, travel costs, and living stipends. MINA7 shows you the most up to date opportunities in the US and makes it easy to apply!

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Scholarships in the United States of America for Tunisians Fulbright program

Students wishing to study in the United States of America can apply for Fullbright scholarships. Created in 1946 on the initiative of Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright, this merit scholarship program is considered one of the most prestigious. For this edition the application deadline is May 1, 2024. The selected students will pursue a bachelor's degree program with the program's partner universities in the United States of America. Benefits Tuition fees, living allowances and t1 ...

RonranGlee Literary Scholarship

Close reading is an underappreciated, wonderful skill that offers unique insights into the world.Close reading is a very important tool for extracting the most out of one's college learning experience by being able to interpret the underlying meanings of texts. Looking beyond the surface and taking the time and energy to dive deeper is crucial in maximizing one's knowledge.This scholarship aims to support students who are pursuing higher education and making the most of their time through close1 ...

Redefining Victory Scholarship

In various spheres of life, success takes on multifaceted definitions, from the pursuit of academic excellence to the realization of personal passions and goals. These diverse interpretations of achievement underscore the complex tapestry of success that individuals weave throughout their unique journeys.Their journeys are marked by passion, perseverance, and self-education, proving that potential is not limited to the traditional academia route. Their stories are a testament to countless peopl1 ...

Ryan Yebba Memorial Mental Health Scholarship

Ryan was a beloved son, brother, nephew, and friend, lost to suicide at the young age of 24. Ryan was a precocious and empathetic child. He could be mischievous at times, often curious and impulsive. He was an avid reader of anything non-fiction and could hold conversations with the articulacy of most adults at a very young age.Ryan was prone to anxiety as a child and developed mild motor tics. He received a diagnosis of ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 7. Throughout his school years,1 ...

Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship

As a personal injury law firm in New York, Morgan Levine Dolan believes it is important for the next generation to be able to achieve the highest levels of education possible.To help students pursue this level of achievement, they would like to financially assist those who wish to attend college. The Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship seeks to help applicants who are team players and have experience playing sports in high school or volunteering for community services in their loc1 ...

Martin Simutis Memorial Scholarship

Pursuing higher education comes with many challenges and obstacles that can drive potential students to delay or abandon their educational goals.In addition to the time commitment required by college, which can be difficult for students who have family responsibilities or need to work, the high price of tuition makes it too expensive for many students. This scholarship aims to support students of Lithuanian descent as they pursue higher education in their fields of choice.Any high school,1 ...

Minority Women in STEM Financial Need Scholarship

Dr. Marie M. Daly was the first African American woman to earn a PhD in chemistry. She once said, “it’s like you learn to swim by swimming: you learn courage by couraging.”Marie Daly was one of the many revolutionary minority female voices in STEM during the 20th century. As these unsung heroes of the past begin to receive rightful recognition, we can learn from their stories, their perseverance, and their courage. To inspire the next generation of minority women in STEM, the Minority Women in1 ...

Jordanian Fulbright Foreign Student Program (Master’s Degree) in USA

Fulbright - Jordan is offering a Jordanian Fulbright Master’s Degree Scholarship Program in USA. It enables Jordanian students to pursue up to two years of full-time study for a master’s degree in the United States. All fields of study are accepted except for any clinical fields which require direct interaction with human subjects. ...

Fully Funded Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Award from Fulbright Jordan

Fulbright - Jordan is offering a Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Scholarship Program. It is a nine-month, non-degree program for early career teachers who are passionate about cultural exchange and teaching Arabic as to language learners in the United States. In this program, you would be able to engage in a meaningful cultural exchange opportunity on a U.S. university or college campus, while at the same time expanding your educational skills, increasing your English proficiency, and p1 ...

Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship

"The best motivation in life is knowing what you're fighting for." - Cat ZinganoWhen Cat was in her early twenties and attending college, her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Her declining health was very difficult on Cat’s family, and when she passed in 2005, Cat had a lot to work through, making it difficult to focus on her education. Less than a year later, Cat’s son was born. Raising a newborn and going to school after recently losing her mom, Cat neede1 ...

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