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The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia is an independent Bulgaria-based platform for fostering outstanding, highly interdisciplinary and international research in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. A dynamic institution with an excellent record of international project management, since its establishment in 2000 the Centre has initiated, carried out or/and hosted 17 major international and interdisciplinary research projects, having supported the work of more than 299 researchers from over 25 countries. The quality of the academic activities and the selection of Fellows are ensured by an Academic Council comprising scholars of high international renown. The research conducted at CAS aims not only to cross, but to question disciplinary boundaries, national scholarly traditions, and conventional approaches thus allowing for innovative and challenging intellectual creativity at the highest level. CAS is a member of the internationally acknowledged network of "Institutes for Advanced Study" in the US and Europe, while its academic contacts encompass major European universities and prominent international scholars, thus providing its researchers with access to the widest pan-European academic networks in the field of the Social Sciences and the Humanities. CAS aims to attract young talents as well as outstanding senior scholars by offering institutional conditions conducive to innovative research, intellectual creativity and dialogue, thereby supporting the formation of new scientific elites. With its professional, lean and flexible management, CAS sets a best practice model for academic administration, and is a reliable partner for donors and scholars alike.

Website: http://www.cas.bg/en/

Phone: (+359) 980 37 04

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