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Global Information & Telecommunication Technology Program

Since the IT industry has become a key asset for the competitiveness of a nation, developing human resources is of great importance for a nation. The Republic of Korea, as one of the leading countries in the IT industry, seeks to play a more active role to meet this demand of the time.

One of the efforts to meet this challenge is Global IT Technology (KASIT), starting from 2006 with an aim to build global network of IT leaders around the world.

ITTP, sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, offers a customized master’s and doctoral degree program for government officials, employees of public institutions or senior-level researchers at national research centers working in the IT fields of emerging countries. All the students will receive scholarships, up to 2 years for master’s students and up to 3 years for doctorate students.

This program focuses on transferring advanced technologies and business strategies of Korea to the global IT leaders of the next generation. After the education at KAIST, a distinguished university, the ITTP students will not only acquire all the up-to-state knowledge of the IT industry of Korea but also become the part of Global IT Innovation (GII) Network which is Alumni of ITTP will receive updates of current developments in the IT fields of Korea through this homepage and remain networked with global IT experts and organizations through GII Network.

Until now 140 of IT-related government officials from 57 different countries from all over the world have joined this program, more experts and organizations in IT field from more countries are expected to join in time to come.

You are invited to become a part of GII network and achieve your dreams here at ITTP.


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