Alumniverein des Deutsch-Russian Jugendparlaments (DRJUG)

Discover the programs Alumniverein des Deutsch-Russian Jugendparlaments (DRJUG) 2022-2023

Nonprofit organization Alumniverein des Deutsch-Russian Jugendparlaments (DRJUG)

DRJUG is German-Russian youth association dedicated to providing platforms for a dialogue and mutual understanding through bilateral and multilateral youth forums which also include young Polish people and Ukrainians. DRJUG was founded in 2011 by the alumni of the German-Russian Youth Parliament and follows open-minded and democratic debate culture by encouraging constructive and equal collaboration with the aim to overcome common challenges. Over the past five years, over 300 young men and women participated in DRJUG youth forums and events, creating a network of young and professional experts who share their commitment to a peaceful and prosperous future in Europe.

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