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All Set & Fit is a platform that provides women professionals with the opportunity to share their knowledge, expertise, and skills with other women, and with female and male youth. It is empowering for a woman to share her experiences. When she shares them with other women, she empowers more women. And when she shares them with female and male youth, she empowers a nation.
This platform breaks through stereotypes namely having women solely on the receiving end of initiatives, thus fighting gender bias. It helps transform women’s role to being active in society and the workplace by transferring part of their professional experience. This is done through a range of educational talks and workshops which range from the general that provides awareness to more specific that provide technical skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the majority of trainers and speakers are men. Therefore, this platform encourages women professionals to be part of such activities making these capacities more diversified.
Business ethics are a cornerstone in All Set & Fit. This platform permits women professionals to practice their social responsibility; as volunteers, they give back to society through providing tailored talks and workshops on various current topics. It provides the opportunity of developing practical skills and acquiring knowledge to women, female and male youth which benefit their chances in securing a future job or improving at their existing workplace. Business ethics are also integrated into all offered activities as volunteers incorporate ethical issues in their material based on the topic.

Website: http://allsetandfit.com/


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