Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF)

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Nonprofit organization Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF)

Continuous Giving and

Renewed Achievements for Educated and Empowered Youth

Since its establishment in 2000, Hani

Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF) has adopted a clear vision, embodied in
the investment in Palestinian youth. HQSF is targeting the
academically-excellent Palestinian students – living in Palestine - to benefit
from the Bachelor’s and Master’s scholarship programs, stemming from its belief
that these young people are the leaders of the future, working in different
sectors and industries and driving the society’s economic and social progress

Till the end of 2017, the HQSF offered 1554

scholarships in the fields of engineering, information technology, business
administration and fine arts, bringing the number of graduates to 548 young
people inside and outside Palestine. These young people, holding Bachelor’s and
Master’s degrees are – therefore – deemed a key component of the Palestinian

We take pride in our distinguished

graduates in all sectors and fields, and consider them as an example of
achievement and excellence.

Website: http://www.hq-sf.org/

Phone: +962 6 5817819

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