Studies in France, Where to start?

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France is a very good destination for studying abroad. Many opportunities are offered for students in this country.

Studies in France, Where to start?  

France is a very good destination for studying abroad. Many opportunities are offered for students in France. You have the right to work and study, plenty of entertainment and sports activities are available.

All this makes this destination the favorite for many students from several countries.

North African countries lead the list followed by Asian countries after the Statista.

The question now is: where to start? how to finance your studies? and how to succeed in studying in France?

These questions are very vague and must be answered in several stages:

The majority of students who choose France as their study destination will need a type D study visa to study.

So you have to understand the process to get the student visa.

As well, you need to be well prepared for all of this. Here are some tips and points to follow to prepare as well as possible:

1-Good academic results:

Of course, you will need good academic results, if you are applying for a Bachelor of Science program, you will definitely need good results in mathematics, physics and scientific subjects in general. And an acceptable level in French, since you are applying for a study program in French.

2-Having a language certificate in French:

the language certification accepted by French universities and embassies is the TCF. I personally passed that exam. And I managed to get to the C1 level. You can use this document to present it as proof of your fluency in French. 

3-Financing required: Your visa application will be accepted provided that you have the necessary financial resources.  This amount is 7,000 euros per year. This amount can be justified by a blocked account.  It will be half if someone residing in France or of French nationality vouches.

4-Choice of university: the choice of university to which you are going to apply is very delicate you must consider full of criteria in your choice, the rank of the university, the location of the university, prospects after graduation (employability rate of new graduates).

5-Possibility to work during your studies: one of the advantages of studying in France is that you can work during your studies and that up to 20 hours a week. Knowing that the minimum gross wage of an hour’s work is 10/15 euro, this will help you enormously to cover your expenses. You’re more likely to work when you live in a big city.

Apply for scholarships: You need to research and find universities that offer scholarships. There are many, there are also scholarships offered by the French representations in your country (embassy).  There are different sites that offer similar scholarships. 

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