1 Day Training in the Field of Conflict Management at Dammam in Saudi Arabia

1 Day Training in the Field of Conflict Management at Dammam in Saudi Arabia

Arabia Saudita 02 mar. 2024


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02 mar. 2024
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The Eventbrite platform announces a one-day training opportunity in the field of conflict management in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Disagreements, differences of opinion and conflicting views on key issues inevitably arise in any context in which people work together. Research has shown that conflicts in the workplace can become destructive to work, as they can poison team morale, create tension, and destroy relationships, so it is crucial to manage conflict constructively. This one-day conflict management and communication skills workshop will immerse you in the most advanced conflict management tools, strategies and practices in use today. You will also get hands-on training on proven frameworks and go through numerous simulations and exercises that will train you to be an effective professional and leader.

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