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The International Association of Economics and Business Students, or AIESEC, is an international youth organization that develops entrepreneurial skills through in-house leadership programs, and engages students and alumni in training programs and global student exchange from for-profit and non-profit organizations. Its head office is located in Notre Dame, the Netherlands. As of July 2011, the Issic Network has more than 60,000 members in 110 countries. It is one of the largest operational student organizations in the world. The organization represents more than 2,100 people worldwide and offers more than 20,000 leadership experiences to its members. It sends students and graduates to more than 16,000 international student exchange programs each year. She supports more than 4,000 partner organizations around the world. These organizations see ISIC as a support and development for young people and as a space for talented individuals with a passion for personal growth.

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