A Grant for Students of Jordan from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

A Grant for Students of Jordan from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Jordanie 15 nov. 2019
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan

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15 nov. 2019
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The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan bachelor's students to apply for the loans of the Student's Support Fund at the official Jordanian universities.
Specializations Excluded from Scholarships:

  • Psychological and educational counseling.
  • Social Service.
  • Islamic Law.
  • Sharia Science.
  • Arabic Language.
  • Child education.


  1. The student must be registered in an applied professional discipline approved by the committee, and should not change the specialization except within the applied professional disciplines approved by the committee.
  2. The student benefiting from the loan must have a Jordanian secondary school certificate or it's equivalent.
  3. The applicant for the loan must hold the Jordanian nationality.
  4. The deferred student is entitled to study at the time of application to apply for the grant.
  5. The applicant should not be able to provide the fees for the accredited study hours according to the criteria and principles approved by the committee for this purpose.
  6. The applicant must not be a beneficiary or was beneficiary of (full grant) from the grant of student support fund or any other support from any official body or delegate at the expense of any other party in the first semester of the academic year (2019/2020).

The support stops temporarily in the following cases:

  • If the student's GPA is less than two points out of four or less than (60%).
  • If he changes his specialization to a non-professional application or his place of study without the prior approval of the committee.

The support is permanently stopped in the following cases:

  • If the student is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor violating honor.
  • If he leaves the college for any reason, including dismissal or withdrawal.
  • If the student dismissed from specialization or transferred to private study.
  • If a disciplinary penalty is issued against him, whether a warning or higher.
  • The student and his patron are obliged to pay the money spent if the loan is terminated from the student benefiting from the subsidy.


The student support loans are offered in public community colleges (applied and professional disciplines) and cover a maximum of (45) credit hours for eligible students. The value of these loans is distributed over three semesters (second / summer 2019/2020) and (first semester 2020/2021).

About the Fund:

The Student Support Fund at Jordanian public universities provides scholarships for Jordanian students who are not affluent in the intermediate diploma and bachelor level.

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