Fully Funded Volunteer Opportunity in the Field of Social Development in Romania
Asociatia Comunitati Pentru Tineret

Fully Funded Volunteer Opportunity in the Field of Social Development in Romania

Roumanie 01 févr. 2020


جمعية مجتمع الشباب (ACT) هي منظمة غير حكومية تعمل في جنوب غرب أولتينيا، وهدفها الرئيسي هو تعزيز تنمية المجتمع من خلال تطوير وتنفيذ ودعم برامج تنمية الشباب التي تستند إلى مفاهيم التعلم مدى الحياة.


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Organisation à but non lucratif
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01 févr. 2020
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Asociatia Comunitati Pentru Tineret offers a volunteer opportunity in Romania called Up for Debate, it aims to prepare students to face challenges based on the ability to argue on civic and social issues. In addition to helping students to acquire through gaming a dееpеr awareness of themselves, of their abilities and of their own interests in the merits of rationality. Promoting the spirit of collaboration, teamwork attitude and listening ability.

Program Period:

The program lasts for six months from 1 March 2020 to 31 August 2020.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age range between 18 and 30.
  • Outgoing and communicative, can work with groups and has a good spirit of initiative.
  • Has a solid motivation for his participation in the volunteering activity.
  • Is interested in working with young people, organize and implement non-formal activities.
  • A medium level of English.


  • International travel.
  • Local transport.
  • Accommodation and utility fees.
  • Monthly communication costs, costs related to activities are covered directly by Association ACT.
  • Monthly food allowance: 150 euro/month.
  • Pocket money: 90 euro/month.

Training During the Project:

Training consists of meetings with trainers from Romania National Agency and a capacity building program that addresses 5 main pillars: 

  • Project Understanding and organizational integration
  • Youth work and non-formal methods training
  • Team building and teamwork development
  • Tools and project instruments understanding etc. 
  • Romanian lessons 2 times per/week.


The Asociatia Comunitati Pentru Tineret (ACT) is a non-governmental organization operating in the southwest of Oltenia, aims to promote community development by developing, implementing and supporting youth development programs based on the concepts of lifelong learning.
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