Fully Funded Training Course for Archaeologists from The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia in Hungary
Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

Fully Funded Training Course for Archaeologists from The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia in Hungary

Hongrie 15 déc. 2019


The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia is an independent Bulgaria-based platform for fostering outstanding, highly interdisciplinary and international research in the Social Sciences and the Humanitie

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15 déc. 2019
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The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) offers a training program in Hungary that brings together senior and junior scholars, from different countries and disciplines, the School will aim to discuss archaeology in the 21st century, under the light of recent theoretical, social and political developments in Southeastern Europe.

Training Themes:

  • How do politics affect archaeological research?
  • Is archaeological thinking political? Should it be?
  • If archaeological discourse was indeed conceived as part of the nationalist project, is there a way to think and practice archaeology outside its ethnic framework? 
  • Should archaeology be part of current affairs? Can it really maintain a strictly academic façade in a world where heritage, and the past at large, are fast becoming a political commodity?

Training Schedule:

  • The first three days include lectures by eminent archaeologists, social historians, and cultural anthropologists on the general topic of "Politics and/within Archaeology".
  • Day 4: Specialist workshop on "The archaeology of ethnic phenomena and the pervasiveness of methodological nationalism".
  • Day 5: A colloquium will offer the junior participants the opportunity to present their own work.
  • Day 6: The School will culminate with a gallery class at Sofia's National Archaeological Museum.

A number of both formal and more informal group discussions will be scheduled throughout, to enable the interaction between participants.

Training Period:

The six-day training will begin on April 6 and end on April 11, 2020.


The training covers the following expenses:

  • Airfare.
  • Accommodation.
  • A daily stipend of US $ 43.

Admission Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a Ph.D. student in archeology and art history or hold a Ph.D. recently (within eight years from obtaining his degree).
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate an academic and/or professional engagement with archaeology in Southeastern Europe, as well as an active interest in the archaeological theory and practice of at least some parts of the region.
  • English proficiency.


  • Successful applicants must attend all lectures, workshops, group discussions, gallery classes, and any other School meeting or event.
  • Successful applicants should present a 20'-paper of their own at the junior scholar's colloquium. It is hoped that these papers will eventually lead to publishable academic articles or significant portions of the participants' Ph.D. theses.


The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) is an independent institution with strong international and interdisciplinary orientation, promoting freedom of research, scholarly excellence, education and intellectual creativity in the humanities and the social sciences. CAS attracts young talents and outstanding senior scholars by offering institutional conditions conducive to the free pursuit of knowledge and dialogue in the framework of individual research fellowships or collaborative multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural inquiries. since its establishment in 2000, the Centre has initiated, carried out or/and hosted 17 major international and interdisciplinary research projects, having supported the work of more than 299 researchers from over 25 countries.

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