Internship in Canada for Bachelor Students in Engineering Fields at Shell

Internship in Canada for Bachelor Students in Engineering Fields at Shell

Canada 14 févr. 2020
Shell Global

Shell Global

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14 févr. 2020
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Shell is offering an internship opportunity for undergraduate students of Mechanical, Chemical or Electrical Engineering.

Internship Details:

This internship is carefully framed to provide you with a business-relevant project that will allow you to independently manage your own area of responsibility while receiving support from an assigned Supervisor and Mentor. They will help you discover your strengths and development areas in a challenging, but friendly and supportive work environment. Projects are scoped in alignment with your term length and typically focus on process optimization or other continuous improvement initiatives. 

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • You are actively enrolled in Mechanical, Chemical or Electrical Engineering and will complete at least one more semester of education following your internship
  • You must be legally entitled to work in Canada by way of Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or a valid work permit which would allow you to work for Shell
  • If you are selected for a role in a safety-sensitive position, you will be required to successfully complete a Medical and/or Alcohol & Drug tests

The required skills that applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • Capacity: They looking for people with the intellectual, analytical, and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues, and propose innovative solutions.
  • Achievement: Shell wants to drive high-achievers full of curiosity, self-confidence, and organizational skills.
  • Relationships: They’re searching for strong communicators who work well within a team, respect others and encourage and support colleagues.

A glance of Shell Work:

Our world is exciting, dynamic and fast-moving. Energy plays a critical role in this. It keeps people moving, it takes us places and delivers products around the world. It's a key ingredient in countless things that we rely on every day, from building materials to the clothes on our backs. As populations grow and thrive, so does the need for more energy.  But, this increasing demand is contributing to rising environmental pressures. They in Shell recognize the significance of climate change, along with the role energy plays in helping people achieve and maintain a good quality of life. A key role for society –and for Shell– is to find ways to provide much more energy with less carbon dioxide. Shell is a willing and able player in this transition. They continue to supply the world with natural gas - the cleanest burning hydrocarbon - to heat and light homes and power industry. They are investing in renewable energy like solar, wind and advanced biofuels made from waste. They are exploring new ways of storing renewable energy. And they are developing digital products and services that help consumers and businesses use energy more efficiently, day in day out.

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