An Opportunity to Participate in the Conference of International Studies Association in Morocco
International Studies Association

An Opportunity to Participate in the Conference of International Studies Association in Morocco

Maroc 09 déc. 2019


جمعية الدراسات الدولية هي واحدة من أقدم الجمعيات متعددة التخصصات المكرسة لفهم الشؤون الدولية والوطنية والعالمية. تأسست في عام 1959، وتضم أكثر من 7000 عضو في جميع أنحاء العالم - تضم الأكاديميين والمما
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The International Studies Association in cooperation with Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco is pleased to announce the call of proposals for the ISA 2020 Conference titled "Africa and the Middle East and North Africa: Understanding Paradoxical Outcomes of Contemporary Transformations".

Conference Theme:

Africa and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have attracted significant attention from International Studies scholars, on political, economic and social agendas. Politically, both areas have experienced rapid changes in some countries, some of which had long-lasting impacts. From the fall of the Apartheid regime to what has been referred to as the Arab Spring, regimes have changed, elections were held, reforms were made, and peoples’ lives were impacted, both positively and negatively. Still, on the political side, inter and intrastate conflicts have also changed the lives of significant numbers of people in both areas, and mobilized international attention and resources, in particular with international interventions, including peacekeeping operation by international and regional organizations, as well as forced and unforced/voluntary population migrations of all sorts. Finally, some protracted conflicts and rivalries have had a sustained influence on intra-regional relations in both Africa and the MENA, as well as impacting their international relations, local state-building processes, and contributing to the proliferation of militant non-state actors. Please read more about the theme via this link.


This conference aims to interrogate the ways in which Africa and the MENA have been studied in the interdisciplinary field of International Studies. It is particularly interested in receiving proposals that are addressing disciplinary debates with fresh analysis of local empirics as well as local-international connections. Please read more about proposals here. They also welcome other proposals not specifically focusing on these thematic questions. Such proposals, however, should have broad appeal and will be evaluated at least partly for how they complement other proposals submitted.

Please also note that the conference will be multilingual, where participants can submit papers and roundtable proposals in Arabic, English, and French; it also means that presentations can also be done in these languages. However, all communications and organization activities will only be done in English, which is the official language of the ISA.

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